This fall wedding film in Karlovac, Croatia really is something! First cold days, misty mornings, and calm city strolls are those little things some of us look forward to after a hot summer.

Matea and Mario couldn’t have picked a better time for their wedding celebration in 2020. This beautiful day set a perfect tone for their new beginning, it was calm, blissful, and emotional. Love is the one thing we can always find peace in.

I must admit I look forward to every season equally, but fall is the one that hits the best spot. After a long hot summer, we all need some calm days, snuggle up with a cup of hot cocoa or coffee and enjoy shorter and slower days. This wedding film from Karlovac shows the best feel of a nice fall morning walk. Sun is gently warming up the air, but don’t get fooled, it’s still quite cold outside.

As we traveled to Karlovac, we looked forward to meeting Matea and Mario. We got there earlier than arranged, giving us time to film some shots of the city, to get the atmosphere of their wedding day, and enjoy putting some cool scenes together in our minds.

Matea and Mario are a gentle, warm, and loving couple. We agreed to film the session on their wedding day. Having great weather to make our lives easier, our shots more beautiful and the bride and groom more relaxed, I can say we were all very lucky. Their wedding photographer was Ivana Pevec, she is kind and tireless, it was our pleasure to work with her on this beautiful day.

We have had some great shots before the church ceremony, at the city park and Dubovac castle on the hill. While picking the most beautiful scene to film their wedding dance on the hill, we learned that the exact same spot was in fact the spot where they got engaged. Isn’t that the most romantic thing? I agree 🙂  

The second best moment of the day was seeing our very emotional groom at the ceremony. If you want to see everything beautiful about this day, click here for Matea and Mario’s wedding film.

Matea and Mario, thank you for choosing us to film your lovely wedding day, it was our pleasure. We wish you all the best in the future, a happy and the most romantic marriage, just like this film turned out to be.

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