We have contacted you and what happens next?

First of all, thank you for contacting us! After you fill out the contact form, we will respond to you as soon as possible with all the information you need. If you choose us to film your wedding day, we will save your date and be in touch for everything we can help you with. We will happily meet you in person, or in a video call, to get to know each other and go through with what you’ve planned for your wedding day. Feel free to ask us anything you want to know!

What types of wedding films do you make?

Our main goal is to tell your wedding story like it is our own. Our films tend to have that old, warm vintage style and colors with a dose of emotional storytelling. They have to catch moments and emotions, they have to have a story that’s coming from the heart – so we decided to make films up to 20 minutes and highlight films up to 3 minutes. From all the experiences that we’ve collected in our filmmaking journey, we believe this is the best format to create a wedding film, your wedding film.

What is your approach at filming a wedding and how will our day look like?

Very simple, because we are simple people. 

You just need to be yourself, live in that special moment and we will catch every emotion. Don’t stress about how everything is going to look on the camera, rather enjoy that feeling when you see your friends and family being there for you and sharing your happiness. We will discuss all the details and your wedding day schedule so you can stay relaxed and just enjoy your day!

How will you deliver our wedding film?

You will recieve your wedding films on a handcrafted USB drive packed in our small tin box. Also, your films will be delivered through a unique online platform where it will be available for years and easy to share with your family and friends.

Can you deliver raw footage from the wedding?

Of course, we can! The only request is that you don’t upload it or sell it to someone else. The footage from your wedding day will probably take up to 500 GB so we will send it to you on a hard drive after your films are finished.

Are you ready to travel anywhere to film our wedding day?

Nomad Diaries. Hope that our name gave you the answer to your question. 
Our main goal is to travel, as in our private life and so in professional life. We will gladly travel to your destination, worldwide baby!