This small and intimate Mediterranean wedding was a true gem of joy and love. Placed in Zadar, the pearl of Adriatic Coast with a stunning view of mighty Mt. Velebit. Last summer days, last tourists in town and one unique story

Sunset session with a gorgeous view

Zadar is well known for its beautiful sunsets and many people quote what Alfred Hitchcock once said about them being the most beautiful in the world. We used this beautiful scenery for our couple wedding session, because why not! What Alfred maybe didn’t know is, near Zadar, there are more places you can visit to get even better sunset views. We chose our wedding session location with a stunning background: Mt. Velebit with the two beautiful canyons of Paklenica National Park. 

Thanks to Jelena and Leo, who were so natural in front of the camera, the wedding session turned out to be this amazing. We love capturing simple gestures and emotions, rather than posing for a film. That’s what it’s all about in our wedding films.

To add more feel of a typical September day in Zadar, we filmed some scenes from an afternoon walk in the city center. Simple as that, you can catch the real feeling and the context of the wedding day. All at the same time – calm, stormy, romantic, playful.

Wedding day story

Jelena and Leo’s wedding was a no-fuss, intimate wedding and we loved it. Everyone was relaxed and happy for the bride and groom, only the closest family and friends. In this turbulent year, I believe, more people recognized less is more. Even though big weddings can also be dreamy, sometimes less wedding guests can bring you greater joy.

The ceremony was held in a lovely church just across the street where Jelena and Leo live. At the same time – how convenient and special! I loved the music throughout the ceremony, need I mention the goosebumps and tears in my eyes? Even though we were „only doing our job“ here, it really isn’t just that. It’s about sharing the joy with the two getting married, and experiencing a sincere emotion, reminding you love is the best feeling. 

We managed to get rid of a big rainstorm that afternoon, and there’s that last bit of sunshine we caught at Heritage Hotel Mašković Han.

This was a 17th-century residence of a supreme admiral of the Turkish fleet Jusuf Mašković, but now it is transformed into a beautiful and unique hotel in Pakoštane. It is perfect for organizing small, intimate weddings.

Jelena and Leo had their wedding dinner here, so we took advantage of the last rays of sunshine and this historical gem to film some of the scenes while they were having their pictures taken. Their photographer for the day was Filip Brala, the nicest guy and a great photographer to work with. These moments were real, just the two of them holding hands, being childish, being in love. 

The first dance was an emotional rollercoaster from a laugh to tears of joy. We thought it was very lovely when the music wouldn’t start at first, so they had to make their great entrance again. And so what, their closest family and friends didn’t mind and we loved the reality. You can’t plan everything in life, that’s why it’s even more special.

Thank you, Jelena and Leo, for this chance to create your wedding day film, for being simple, natural, and pleasant to be with. We wish you all the happiness in the future!

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